Shale is made up of thin layers of silt and clay deposits that are formed by pressure and temperature.  The complex composition is treated in such a way that makes it more durable. Our shale is imported from Germany and gives our sunnies a unique look.

Shale is used in: Draks, Hamiltons



A very dense and distinctive wood, Ebony has become one of the most valuable in the world.  Mainly coming from Africa, this wood has a beautiful dark finish and fine, smooth texture.

Ebony is used in: Draks, Hamiltons


Recycled Wood

Our recycled wood is made by taking unused pieces of wood which are then finely cut, mixed, and press-molded together.  This process creates a very strong material and minimizes waste in the environment.  We are proud to use our recycled wood in our sunnies.

Recycled Wood is used in: Yorks, Duports



Typically coming from the United States and Africa, Walnut has a natural pattern that varies in color and texture.  This durable wood is the perfect material for molding into our desired shape.

Walnut is used in: Tridents, Finos, Reefs


Grey Oak

Oak is one of the most common hardwoods used. Its strength and beautiful grain markings are why this wood has become so popular. Our grey oak predominantly comes from China.

Grey Oak is used in: Airlie



Rosewood is a strong and heavy wood that gets its name from the beautiful rose scent of the wood.  Mainly imported from Africa, its unique orange/red color and shiny smooth texture really make this wood stand out.

Rosewood is used in: Reefs



Predominantly coming from Africa, this wood stands out because of its ‘zebra-like’ stripes and interlocking pattern.  This hard, heavy wood with its course texture is designed in our sunnies to show off its unique look.

Zebra is used in: Reefs