About Us

REALSunnies was founded after a decade of traveling around the world and experiencing various countries and cultures. Somewhere on that journey, REALSunnies became an inadvertent creation of ours. We have long been fascinated with watches and sunglasses of all kinds, with the biggest attraction coming from those that are a little bit different and unique. For a long time, we have loved the idea of wood watches and sunglasses but have never been able to find anything of quality. So we decided to do it ourselves and see what we could come up with… thus REALSunnies was born. 

After deciding we wanted to build our own brand, the biggest focus was finding a partner that could keep up to our strict standards and quality in production. We managed to come up with some unique production processes that enable our sunglasses to take on a much more ergonomic, comfortable shape and fit. Our goal is to offer the best wooden fashion accessories available.